Episode 335: INDISC 2022 recap

It was great to be back at the new location in Riverside, California. Hear from many as they praise this massive weekend of competitive pinball including (in order):
– Neil McRae, Jonathan Soon, Kaite Martin on their way to Captain’s Auction Warehouse
– Timothy Street, Chris Warren from Alabama
– Daniel Spolar of Project Pinball
– Andrew Foster, UK’s top player
– Leslie Ruckman from San Francisco
– Top Rope Pinball’s Robert Byers, Classics 1 winner
– Joe Lemire from New England Pinball League
– Classics 2 champ and multiple INDISC finalist, Escher Lefkoff
– Billy Brown III from Oregon
– Women’s Champ Keri Wing
– The new IFPA Open World Champion Zach McCarthy
– Marco Pinball’s Kim Martinez
– High stakes champ and Stern designer Keith Elwin

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