Month: April 2019

  • Episode 192: Pinball Nerds Podcast

    Albert Agar talks about his blog/podcast and his pinball adventures & experiences. He claims it’s your 5th favourite podcast. I bet it’s better than that.

  • Episode 191: YEGPIN 2019

    Mike Wieschorster talks about this weekend’s big event, show and tourneys…and why you should be at YEGPIN in Edmonton, Alberta!

  • Episode 190: Jerry Bernard

    Hear from one of the best players in the world. And pray you don’t have to play a classics game against this New York state legend.

  • Episode 189: Pinside Petey

    It’s his first ever interview. Pinside Petey knows all when it comes to pinball…just ask him. Have a listen to the Master, and a few special guests drop by too.