Episode 321: Pinball Expo 2021 recap

A perfect way to celebrate 5 years of Pinball Profile! Spending time with friends at Pinball Expo at their new location just north of Chicago. Hear from many including (in order):
– Ryan McQuaid, Sonic Spinball homebrew creator
– Jack Danger, Dead Flip/Jurassic Park Pin creator
– Glenn Waechter, Poor Man’s tribe member
– Rick Neagele & “Zombie Yeti” Jeremy Packer on Stern’s Godzilla
– American Pinball’s Michael Grant, Josh Kugler, David Fix, and the newest hire Steven Bowden
– Tim Lee, Rachel Lilge, and Rebecca Salam
– Brian Eddy, Stern designer
– homebrew Boys Night Out creators of the pinball machine and movie, Joel & Maranda
– newest Pinball Expo Hall of Fame member, programmer Keith Johnson from Jersey Jack Pinball
– Sammie Bacon, women’s tourney volunteer and North Carolina pinballer
– artist (Mandalorian & Star Wars Comic) Randy Martinez
– Women’s champ, Keri Wing
– Mark Skoff from Reno Pinball League

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