Tag: The Munsters

  • Episode 187: Martin Robbins, TPF bound

    World traveler Martin Robbins of Head2Head Pinball talks about his 1st trip to TPF, what to see there, and his other North American destinations.

  • Episode 186: The Magic of Dwight Sullivan

    We talk about Dwight’s latest code updates on Munsters, plus discuss Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Ghostbusters, and the magic of action buttons!

  • Episode 183: Antoinette Johnson

    Happy International Women’s Day. Hear stories about Antoinette’s love of pinball, maybe designing a game one day, working with Marco Specialties, and her incredible hair…plus a lot more!

  • Episode 182: Dennis Kriesel, Eclectic Gamers Podcast host

    Dennis shares his thoughts on getting robbed, marketing pinball machines for collectors and/or competitors, betting on the Stern Pro Circuit Final, (wide)body shaming, and the burnout factors for podcasters.

  • Episode 175: Pin Up Arcade Bar

    Owner Che Curnew about his business, the challenges of owning/operating, and Ian Harrower discusses the benefits of league play at venues like Pin Up Arcade Bar in Waterloo, Ontario.