Episode 359: Anthony van Winkle of Paradigm Tilt

Anthony is changing the paradigm of pinball with machines like Mass Effect 2 and the follow up to Swords of Fury…Swords of Vengeance! With help from Fast Pinball, the homebrew community, talented artists and more, these pinball machines tell a deep story and take you on an adventure. Find out more at www.paradigm-tilt.com. Shout out to designers & composers Kassarie, Lyraina, Yen Shu Liao, and Amie Waters.

2 Replies to “Episode 359: Anthony van Winkle of Paradigm Tilt”

  1. John Mercurio

    Just found your youtube videos about Swords of Vengeance! This looks awesome! I just purchased my first pinball machine and it is Swords of Fury, because I like the 1980’s style Williams play, and it was in great shape and near my house. This would be epic to bring it to the next level, for my 10 year old, who while enjoys it, I don’t think the original is flashy enough to keep her attention with her modern day gaming.
    Thanks for developing this, it’s really cool. I’m a mechanical engineer and totally want to get more into home brewing. -John (NJ)

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