Episode 293: Timmy Page Sexton

Tim Sexton gives us all the details on his rules design and software for Led Zeppelin from Stern Pinball.

3 Replies to “Episode 293: Timmy Page Sexton”

  1. Dr. Hackenbush.

    You hoser! No carasalamba! No Achilles! No Rover! No Night Flight! No Wearing and Tearing! No Ocean! No Living Loving Maid! No Ten Years Gone! No In the Light! No In the Evening!
    Shame! I know Zepp fans sir, and you are no Zepp fan.
    Take off Hoser!

  2. Jeff Teolis

    Aside from spelling mistakes, all great songs mentioned. My fandom is not in question. Thanks for listening Dr. Hack…keep a coolin’, baby!

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