Tag: Walt Morose

  • Episode 297: One year ago

    It was February 22, 2020, and it seemed like a different world a year ago. For me personally, it was the end of something special…The Pinball Profile World Tour. Hear […]

  • Episode 281: Kevin Chau

    One of the nicest people in pinball. If you don’t know Kevin, have a listen to hear about one of the staples at Bluffs Pinball, and how you can play […]

  • Episode 213: Maya Morose, Pinball For Change

    Maya Morose celebrates her 16th birthday in Ecuador where she helped raise over $20,000 to create classrooms for children through we.org

  • Episode 79: Ed Robertson, part 2?

    Barenaked Ladies’ singer/songwriter talks pinball, music and more.