Tag: PAPAPinball

  • Episode 290: Karl’s Wizard Modes and PinClash

    Karl DeAngelo continues to impress us even during a pandemic. He discusses mastering several wizard modes on his iepinball stream, the INDISC 2021 status, Pinburgh/PAPA memories and more. Plus this […]

  • Episode 287: Thank you Pinburgh & Replay FX

    On November 18th, we learned that due to the pandemic The Replay Foundation would not be able to continue public events until further notice. This podcast highlights direct messages, added […]

  • Episode 210: Fred Cochran, PAPA

    Fred talks about getting games ready for Pinburgh/Replay FX. Plus the many days, weeks and months to put this event together, and other tidbits about PAPA you may not know.

  • Episode 188: Path of Play Day 2

    Mike Primeau talks about big news for Path of Play including partnering with PAPAPinball on YouTube this weekend.

  • Episode 185: 2019 Stern Pro Circuit recap

    The 2019 Stern Pro Circuit Finals’ players & guests. Hear from many of the participants and those in attendance including Karl DeAngelo, Trent Augenstein, Paul Caras, Phil Birnbaum, Alex Harmon, […]

  • Episode 180: AJ and Jon Replogle

    We say hello to two people that have been a big part in the growth of Pinburgh and pinball in general, the Replogles. Hear about their Pinball Dojo, music, movies…and […]

  • Episode 156. Thrilla in Sternilla hype: Zach vs. Keith

    The Thrilla in Sternilla participants Keith Elwin and Zach Sharpe plus host Jack Danger. Hear the audio (edited) from PAPAPinball on the YouTube live stream.

  • Episode 155: TD advice with Doug Polka

    On this first ever LIVE Pinball Profile episode on PAPAPinball on Youtube, you’ll hear the edited audio from the live stream. Doug Polka offers good advice for those wanting to […]

  • Episode 124: Neil McRae of the UK

    Neil talks about his love of pinball, NASA, the growing pinball UK scene and helping out with Path of Play

  • Episode 122: Path of Play Day (2018)

    Mike Primeau of Path of Play talks about the big day and how you can participate. Plus talk about the production of PAPA Pinball at Pinburgh and more.