Tag: Ian Harrower

  • Episode 269: Howard Dobson

    Howard normally travels all over to play pinball. But staying at home in Maryland, he has devised a new way to play while in isolation. It’s pingolf meets solitaire and […]

  • Episode 254: Ian Harrower, Gammagoat

    You know him on Twitch as Gammagoat, and you see him at tourneys playing or commentating. Now hear how Ian got there.

  • Episode 227: The 24 Hour Battle at the Sanctum recap

    The 24 HR Sanctum is done…and so am I. Players who love pinball play non-stop on this Stern Pro Circuit event, and had a blast as you’ll hear.

  • Episode 175: Pin Up Arcade Bar

    Owner Che Curnew about his business, the challenges of owning/operating, and Ian Harrower discusses the benefits of league play at venues like Pin Up Arcade Bar in Waterloo, Ontario.