Tag: Derek Thomson

  • Episode 348: Jackson Gee

    Wow! I saw Jackson Gee’s art on display at YEGpin this summer in Edmonton and was in complete awe! Take a look at www.jacksongee.com and hear about his passion for […]

  • Episode 287: Thank you Pinburgh & Replay FX

    On November 18th, we learned that due to the pandemic The Replay Foundation would not be able to continue public events until further notice. This podcast highlights direct messages, added […]

  • Episode 202: Amy Covell-Murthy + a tribute to 200 episodes

    Amy talks about her event “The Longest Day” June 21st at Kickback Pinball Cafe in support of The Alzheimer’s Association. Plus a special thank you message from MANY people for […]

  • Episode 195. MEGA episode

    You’ll hear the most amount of pinball people ever assembled on this (or any) show. Clips from the past 2 months of travelling to play pinball. Highlights from TPF, PinMasters, […]

  • Episode 191: YEGPIN 2019

    Mike Wieschorster talks about this weekend’s big event, show and tourneys…and why you should be at YEGPIN in Edmonton, Alberta!

  • Episode 154: Jack Tadman, the pride of Winnipeg

    Jack has been winning a lot in 2018 including the Intergalactic Championship. Jack shares his stories and ideas for new tourneys.

  • Episode 126: Derek Thomson on YEGPIN

    Edmonton, Alberta’s Pinball & Arcade Expo, May 4-6 is just around the corner. Derek tells about this massive event.